Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Success v.s Failure

Success would be defined as multiple achievements , and establishments and goals reached that you set for yourself. although my basketball days are not over i think as a high school athlete for basketball i was pretty successful . Middle school i was cut from the 7th grade basketball team and 8th grade i was placed on the B team. I played basketball since birth I traveled I've experienced I've witness I've succeeded I've failed in basketball and when it was time to take that next step to high school , opportunities were at a minimum. I was the leading scorer my freshman year and I received a personal trophy 'MVP' most valuable player and it that year was a success and my JV year my work continued I was the leading scorer for my 10th grade team and achieved a lot of things that season as a team.My junior year had to be the most discouraging/Challenging year for basketball "Varsity" I played behind talented seniors but my senior year it was my time . I was the second leading scorer and i was voted most improved . The success in this was i overcame adversity's and challenges and set backs.Through it all my dad supported me in every step .

Failure is defined as something you came up short in or you went in the wrong direction of success .
I failed at being the best could be , reaching my full potential , living up to expectations of my parents. I've always just did enough and not more I was always capable of more but I only did the minimum .I got opportunities to do great things but I didn't take advantage of them so I failed. I challenge myself to excel and achieve and that's the direction.

does my success or failure influence your personal motivation ? I would say my success motivates me the most because its were i want to be its were i need to be and it puts me in a better state of mind. Failure doesn't motivate as good as success is because I don't recognize the overall picture of success. if I attend a college basketball game and my team I want to win achieves the goal that inspires me and motivates me V.S if my team loses I only see the down side of the situation and it doesn't motivate me it only rubs me the wrong way "That what if feeling" .

Monday, March 24, 2014

Finding the inspiration

Everything's come within you. you bring the best out from within .


If you have a dream , the dream can be a reality from within . you cant be afraid to fail because there is going to be times were nothing goes right and are you going to quit on your dreams ? you must have faith , you have to believe in yourself , you gotta believe in your ability , your ideas and when you have faith that faith gives you patients its not going to happen as quickly as you want it to but you get up and fight and grind and eat you will succeed. nothings difficult everything's a challenge through adversity to the stars.


Why is focus important ?


Monday, March 10, 2014

Pursuit of Excellence

Excel Be exceptionally good at or proficient in an activity or subject 

What can you do ?

what do you want to do ? 

How can you get what you want ?

Ask yourself these questions and give yourself a chance to find the answers. Give yourself in equal chance in life because no opportunity is just going to walk to you . Adapt to survive if you learn how to adapt you will survive , you got to know what you want to do , what you want to be , who do you want to be and where you want to be ?
Master your "craft" your craft is life know what you need from it and know what you can give to it. 

http://www.excelatlife.com/articles/excellence.htm )

The Base

Crimes are one of the worlds biggest problems , and people don't know the solution to those problems. But it all starts with the family base your parents are the source of your life as a child and that's for anyone .People dont value the responsibility of a parent cause as a parent your suppose to teach your child right from wrong and as your child grows older those rights and wrongs become more real. imagine a dog making it through its stages of growth but no owner the dog will pick up habits , traits and so forth then it begins to live with no rules and regulations because now one gave the dog any so it begins to bite , bark , scare and more . The same thing applies to a teenager if you as a part allow your child to miss behave and dont have any set rules or consequences they'll never know there wrong doing then those wrong doings expand and excel to bigger problems . With the right base the problems could decrease but it begins with the source , the more people apply them self in everyday life the more the world can excel .

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Between the two

" Settling differences" too many disagreed situations with no progress. people are always in so much competition with each other , and at the end of the day the outcome isn't income. two minds are greater then just one and people fail to exercise that master piece of two chances vs one, two opportunities vs one. work together to consume time and excel together , theirs no celebrations without people to celebrate it with. Compare the idea of having a journey would you want to travel alone or have beneficial company . most people say they work better alone because they hate depending on people and hate sharing the accomplishment but with two you better the experience you better the accomplishment to a next level of achievement and you get more recognition for the brilliance of "two"


Ways to better the world , its many positive ways to make productive change . people are scared of change because there so content with life. change is for the good. A one topping pizza could be good but if you add 3 toppings to a pizza it would be even better "change" . you take the price of a box of cigarettes " 4.96-14.50"  and cut your expenses on them and save up to 50$ a week and spend your money on beneficial things such donations , college funds , road trips etc. "extend your life , not shorten it "